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Is local private company that’s providing different services such as:

  • Giving news based on entertainment, sports, political and motivational stories. we are basically focused on providing all the latest news that is exclusively in Kigali and countrywide. We mentor young people on how to be creative through their talents and skills without looking for the external supports or waiting for the job.
  • providing social media services or advertising on different social media platforms by professionalism because we are experienced and skilled enough about it and we are currently using most famous social media like Instagram, twitter, Facebook, snap-chat and more platforms being used by a lot of people and our social media have plenty of followers so that they are among the most leading in Rwanda.
  • We are capturing the different events like wedding, anniversary and other ceremonial activities.
  • we are designing and hosting the websites where we can make your website within three days only and our website are accurate and speeding because we are using modern hosting platforms.

It started by two young creators Amos BIZUMUREMYI and Diocles NSHIMIYIMANA in 2019 because we shared the same background status like where we studied at the same high school and born in neighboring sectors moreover we committed the same faults in high school and we were both leading in multimedia activities that was took place at school.  Amos he was good at interpreting American trending songs and good photo editor while Diocles was singer and video editor and director.

Our qualities

  • Good writing skills
  • Professionals
  • Social media marketers
  • Good analysts
  • It supporters



Is founder and CEO of KIGALIUPDATES Company limited he is skilled in news publication and social media marketing where he has 3 years of experience in social media marketing and 4 years in journalism.

He is started his journalism carrier in 2015 since he was at secondary school. he worked for  ibakwe media limited and he was worked with many other news websites  in Rwanda until 2017 where he started university at TUMBA College of technology (TCT) in faculty of electronic and telecommunication but since he was in university he started developing social media so that at the end of 2019 he got over 70k followers on Instagram and 14k on Facebook and it was  the time that he called his fellow friends and asked them to start a company there was many discussion and disagreements about pitched project where we spent 4 hours in choosing the suitable company’s name we bonded our ideas until we were agreed to call it  this name .he was done so many social media  advertising jobs before starting this company as legal company.

Contact CEO on: email:

                                         Phone: +250 788 801 562

                                        Instagram: @Kigaliupdates

                                             Facebook:  @Amosharry

                                              Twitter   : @Amosharry


 He is the founder , corner stone and managing Director in this company where he’s skilled in Graphic design, Photography and video production with an experience of 5 years as teacher of Photography, video production and All IT related

He started his career in 2013 where he was DoP (Director photography) in company called LIGHT IN YOUTH  for a duties of filming a RWANDAN MOVIES and yet he continues after here at his company called DIZONE FILMS in 2015 but he continues give support in that company (LIGHT IN YOUTH LTD) and in 2015 he started TEACHING CAREER in SECONDARY SCHOOL OF TOURISM AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT OF GASOGI (ESTH GASOGI), His Position in this school is IT manager and Teacher of Photography and video production, In 2018 he started his new position in INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL OF KIGALI (ITS KIGALI) Teaching ICT, Photography and Video production, In 2019 he become HEAD OF DEPARTMENT IN ICT SECTOR there in ITS KIGALI added on his duties of teaching until now.

More info:


                                             Phone: +250 788 471 880

                                             Instagram: @DizoneFilms

                                             Facebook:  @diocles_dzone

                                              Twitter: @Diocles_Dizone

Contact us

Phone number: +250789935798

Business email:

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